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Hear, There and Everywhere suggests a search for meaning in isolation; with repeated words, mantras, prayers, poems, and lyrics, we summon the strength to work through our predicament. In Hear, There and Everywhere, when saying these lines out loud, we find the connection between understanding and knowing.

A selection of the project Hear, There and Everywhere may be seen throughout the Bay Area as part of the exhibition lone some. (Please see Happenings for more information.)

As part of the work displayed in lone some, the public may also participate by sharing words that bring comfort in times of crisis, or when one is feeling lonely. Lines from a favorite book, poem, play, or prayer may be recorded by calling a number found on the publicly displayed image. The public is asked to recite these words, or to sing lyrics that sustain them through times of loneliness, or to simply share words of wisdom for these difficult times in which we are all now alone together.

If nothing else you may simply sing the line on the image you encountered, or sing the entire song if you are so inspired!

Recorded offerings may be shared via social media or on the web (check back here for updates). Recording one's name is not required, but if left as part of the offering it will be shared as well (leaving a first name only is fine).

Posts and stories of recorded offerings, or their transcription, will be shared on Instagram. Please look for #hearthereandeverywhere, #lonesomeexhibition, or #elmocostudio.