Knitting It All Together

Knitting It All Together

Due to the recent Shelter-in-Place orders the community engagements of this project have been placed on temporary hold. The new date for revealing the giant Sea Level Rise Tablecloth for the public gathering in Pacifica is scheduled for spring 2021. This posting will be updated with additional information when it is available. For the time being, please continue to collect and recycle plastic bags and, if you are so inspired, continue to knit lengths of plastic yarn. We are hoping to have a safe program of events published by the end of summer 2020. Stay safe.

Knitting It All Together is a project that invites the public to begin the Pacifica collective knitting project for the giant Sea Level Rise Tablecloth for the Pancake Breakfast in May 2020. Modesto Covarrubias will lead the public effort to contribute to a recycled plastic giant tablecloth. A series of workshops will instruct participants on basic knitting techniques and making yarn from recycled/repurposed plastic. Come create a giant table cloth for the final gathering. Bring your plastic, knitting needles, or just your enthusiasm!

Additional information regarding the workshops and other updated information about this project may be found at the Pacifica Green Knitting Recyclers Meetup Group.

You may also make your own lengths of knitted repurposed plastic to contribute to this project. You may contact me via email directly HERE.

Instructional videos for making yarn from plastic bags are below:

Making plastic yarn by loop method 1.
Making plastic yarn by loop method 2.

Making plastic yarn from flat panel.

Making continuous strand of plastic yarn method 1.
Making continuous strand of plastic yarn, faster method.