Knitting It All Together

Knitting It All Together

Knitting It All Together began as a project that invited the public to begin the Pacifica collective knitting project for the giant Sea Level Rise Tablecloth for the Pancake Breakfast in May 2020. Led by Modesto Covarrubias, the public was invited to contribute to a giant tablecloth made from repurposed and recycled plastic yarn (this yarn is often referred to as plarn). A series of workshops to instruct participants on basic knitting techniques and making yarn from recycled/repurposed plastic had been scheduled, with one taking place in February 2020. The knitting events were part of a larger team effort, known as the Pacific/ A Future collective. The goal of this collective is to engage the community of Pacifica, and others, in a dialog around the impacts of sea level rise.

Since the shelter-in-place order, the focus has turned to observing socially distant safety protocols, with workshops taking place with small groups outside, or online. The project has been extended through 2021, and has morphed into a collaboration with The Bureau of Linguistical Reality, whose mission is to create new words for complex feelings around the Anthropocene era, specifically for this project, around living with sea level rise.

The knitting has been a part of workshops over the course of the Pacific/A Future project to engage the public in discussions around the impact of sea level rise on the community. Participants have remarked how knitting and weaving have allowed them to focus on sea level rise for an extended period of time, while also engaging in conversation about the topic. Just as the plarn is put together through the act of knitting, ideas are similarly woven, stitched, and created through the act of conversing. The resulting knitted and woven plarn pieces are an artifact of time spent exchanging ideas and concerns over the topics at hand; they are a trace of the time spent weaving together the feelings, reflections, hopes, and desires expressed through dialog.

Additional information regarding the workshops and other updated information about this project may be found at the Pacifica Green Knitting Recyclers Meetup Group.

You may also make your own lengths of knitted repurposed plastic to contribute to this project. You may contact me via email directly HERE.

Instructional videos for making yarn from plastic bags are below:

Making plastic yarn by loop method 1.
Making plastic yarn by loop method 2.

Making plastic yarn from flat panel.

Making continuous strand of plastic yarn method 1.
Making continuous strand of plastic yarn, faster method.